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Courses and Books on Sports Physiotherapy

As Per Habib Chharawala , sport physiotherapy is a medical specialty that focuses on helping injured athletes recover. Even under ideal circumstances, a sports injury may develop, and it is the role of the sports physiotherapist to assist the player in recovering fast and avoiding subsequent difficulties. Muscle imbalances and other issues that may need therapy will be discovered during a comprehensive assessment. The physiotherapist will inquire about the athlete's lifestyle, medical history, and previous sports experience. This information will aid the sports physiotherapist in developing the appropriate treatment strategy for the athlete. Habib Chharawala suggested that, students will study about the development of muscle, tendon, and connective tissue, as well as human tissue and pain sciences. They'll also learn about injury response and overload, as well as how to put up long-term treatment plans. A physiotherapy degree will also teach sophisticated neuro-musculoskeletal

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